Core topic: Solar Energy Conversion in Communities

Presentations are expected to cover the main conference topics, focusing on (but not limited at) the following subjects:

Topic 1: Solar Energy Conversion Systems in the Built Environment
     - Specific variability of the solar energy in urban and in rural areas;
     - Influence of the meteorological factors and pollution on the available solar radiation;
     - Solar urban strategies.

Topic 2: Solar-Thermal Energy in Communities
     - Solar thermal systems at building and community level;
     - Solar thermal energy storage;
     - Novel solar thermal collectors (shape, size, color, etc.);
     - Architectural integration;
     - Solar tracking systems for solar thermal collectors;
     - Recycling the end of life solar thermal collectors.

Topic 3: Solar Electricity in Communities
     - Grid-connected and stand-alone PV systems;
     - PVs integration at building and community level;
     - Solar power applications: vehicles, lighting, safety systems, etc.
     - Solar electricity storage;
     - Solar tracking of PV systems;
     - Performance reliability and monitoring of PV plants;
     - Novel PV materials;
     - Recycling end-of-life PV modules.

Topic 4: Sustainable Energy Mixes in Communities
     - Increasing the renewable energy share in communities;
     - Renewable energy mixes;
     - Bioenergy systems as part of the near future energy scenario.

Topic 5: New Trends in the Use of Solar Energy in Communities
     - Solar-active photocatalytic materials;
     - Photocatalytic processes for advanced pollutants/contaminants removal from (waste)water;
     - Novel self-cleaning coatings.

Topic 6: Sustainable Communities
     - Local, national and international policies and strategies supporting smart communities;
     - Education and training on sustainable energy;
     - Future trends in developing sustainable communities.

New results will be presented in plenary lectures, keynote, oral and poster presentations.

CSE 2020 opens the floor for Thematic workshops (proposals are welcome till March 27, 2020 ).