A one page abstract should be submitted via email at: cse@unitbv.ro

The Abstract should be edited on an A4 format (2.5 cm each margin), at 1.5 line spacing and will have the following structure (please fill in the attached template):

      Title (TNR 14, Bold, CAPS, centered)
         One empty line (12 TNR)
      Authors name and affiliation (TNR12, centered, please underline the presenting author)
         One empty line (12 TNR)
      Abstract: max. 250 words, TNR 12, justified.
      The abstract should outline the aim and novelty of the presentation, along with the methodology and most significant results.
         One empty line (12 TNR)
      Keywords (max. 5)

         One empty line (12 TNR)
      Acknowledgment (optional)
         One empty line (12 TNR)
      Conference topic to which the abstract is submitted

Abstract Submission Deadline:            March 3, 2023

Conference Proceedings

The full papers sent and presented in CSE 2023 will follow an international peer-review process and will be proposed for publication in the CSE 2023 Special Issues of the journals Renewable Energy and Environmental Engineering and Management Journal (both, ISI indexed)